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July 26, 2016
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Stevenson & Davila makes 
New Jersey Very Proud . . . 
Congrats to Shakur & Leroy!

Shakur Stevenson at the age of 18 will be representing not ONLY New Jersey, But the USA in the 2016 Olympic Games next summer. Shakur won all 4 of his bouts by Unanimous Decision. Andre Ward stated that he has the best chance of bringing home a Gold Medal for our country. Shakur has been trained by one of the top coaches in the sport and that coach happens to be his very own grandfather, Wali Moses.

123 lbs: Shakur Stevenson, Newark, N.J., dec. Mikhail Montgomery, Macon, Ga., 3-0
123 lbs/winners bracket: Shakur Stevenson, Newark, N.J. dec. Ruben Villa, Salinas, Calif., 3-0
123 lbs/winners bracket: Shakur Stevenson, Newark, N.J., dec. Efren Lopez, Fresno, Calif., 3-0
123 lbs: Shakur Stevenson, Newark, N.J., dec. Ruben Villa, Salinas, Calif., 3-0

Leroy Davila is one of ONLY two boxers from New Jersey to win both the Nationals and the National Golden Gloves. Davila will be the alternate for the Olympic Team in the 108 lb, class. What I really like about Leroy is that he made no excuses, he didn't say he got robbed, even though it was a close split decision verdict, But he did thank everyone for their support and thanked GOD for giving him the talent to go as far as he did. He will always be a Champion, inside the ring as well as outside the ring, in the hearts of the people that know him.

108 lbs: Leroy Davila, Princeton, N.J., dec. Rondarrius Hunter, Atlanta, Ga., 3-0
108 lbs/winners bracket: Leroy Davila, Princeton, N.J., dec. Adrian Servin, Phoenix, Ariz., 2-1
108 lbs/winners bracket: Nico Hernandez, Wichita, Kans., dec. Leroy Davila, Princeton, N.J., 3-0
108 lbs/challengers bracket: Leroy Davila, Princeton, N.J., dec. Pablo Ramirez, Westlaco, Texas, 2-1
108 lbs: Leroy Davila, Princeton, N.J., dec. Nico Hernandez, Withita, Kansas, 3-0
108 lbs:Nico Hernandez, Withita, Kansas, dec. Leroy Davila, Princeton, N.J., 2-1d.

Shakur Stevenson
2016 Youth Open National Champion ~ John Bauza
Congrats to John Bauza!

January 8, 2016: The 2016 Junior Open and Youth National Championships concluded with thirty-four gold medals bouts contested over nearly five hours in two rings on Saturday at the Grand Sierra Resort Summit Pavilion in Reno, Nev. Thirty-four boxers in four different divisions won national championships in the first event of the year for USA Boxing.

The youth men’s light welterweight championship featured a showdown between Philadelphia and New Jersey in the gold medal bout. John Bauza (North Bergen, N.J.) and Branden Pizarro (Philadelphia, Pa.) battled it out for the title in the 141-pound division. It was Bauza coming out victorious in the contest, winning a 3-0 victory over Pizarro for both a national title and the Outstanding Youth Male Boxer of the Tournament award. 

Those in attendance were in awe of the skill, speed and power Bauza exhibited. Bauza dominated every round and left no question in the mind of the judges or the fans as to who was the top boxer in the 141-pound division. 

Bauza eliminated his opponents throughout the competition and was consistent in his performance throughout the tournament. With his eyes on the prize, Bauza never faltered, never tired, just brought the fight to each opponent in an outstanding manner. Folks wondered who is this young boxer and where did this young man come from. Now they know! 

Congratulations John Bauza! 
 You truly made New Jersey proud. 

John Bauza
Leroy Davila
Building Future Champions With Your Donations 

Why is your donation important to the New Jersey Association of Amateur Boxing important? And why does every single dollar make a difference? 

This question can be easily answered if you walk into any local boxing gym in New Jersey and see the amazing levels of talent and drive that these young adults have in the ring. But if you don’t have time to see the action yourself, then we can update you on how the New Jersey Association of Amateur Boxing has grown over the past few years as a result of your donations and our youth’s hard work and determination. 

In the past there has sadly been a lack of opportunities for athletes to compete at the Junior Olympic level, but over the years as the youth programs have grown, the number of regional and national champions in New Jersey is now at an all-time high. Proof in point, during the 2015 Junior Olympics New Jersey’s team came back with five Region One champions! As a result of such great success in the ring, the New Jersey leadership team saw the need to offer additional opportunities for our youth outside the ring as well, with a program called “Champions of Life” created by Rob Griffin and Jacklyn Atkins. The program features a series of seminars that combine Olympic style boxing training with sessions on how to live healthy lifestyles.

One of the athletes who has benefited from the opportunities offered to the youth of New Jersey, is standout star of the year Shakur Stevenson. Just recently his lifelong dream came true when he qualified for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro at just eighteen years old. Stevenson, a Newark native who started mimicking the boxers he saw on TV when he was just two years old. Shakur has been with the New Jersey Amateur Boxing Program for eleven years. 

To put things into perspective, the LBC spent over $40,000. in 2015 to support junior athletes competing in regional and national tournaments. Now with the growing amount of opportunities for our junior boxers arising including participating in the New Jersey Silver Gloves, Junior Olympic Independent Gloves, Ringside World Tournament and other tournaments where athletes are required to travel across the United States., every dollar that is donated helps. 

If you are interested in donating towards the New Jersey Amateur Boxing Program and helping kids like Shakur become champions of life, please click below!