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November 11, 2015

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December 5, 2015

The NJ State Silver Gloves Boxing Tournament will be held at the Elite Heat Boxing Gym on Saturday, December 5, 2015

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August 2015 - Where do we begin? 

Let’s start by turning back the hands of time and setting the date to the November 2010 election. The paradigm shift began with the New Jersey Association of USA Boxing Executive board elections and continues to date. The membership voted into office a very diverse and passionate Board of Directors who immediately identified the need to raise the bar. Raising the bar started with the commitment to invest in our future – the youth. The board realized the lack of opportunities for athletes to compete at the Junior Olympic level. The team identified JO boxers registered for 5+ years with less than 4 bouts of experience. In tournaments these youth were facing opposition with 50+ bouts of experience. We must say THANK YOU to Vito Mielnicki Sr. and the 2010 JO chairperson, Alex Devia, for hosting over 15 JO shows in 2011. This was just the beginning yet a crucial time for our junior athletes. The following term others picked up the baton and ran with it. Today’s JO Chairperson, Rob Griffin and co-chair Ahman Elliott continue the elevation of our youth boxing program. The number of regional and National Champions is at an all-time high in New Jersey and we are all proud of this winning team. 

We salute our 2015 junior Olympic team and their most recent success, five Region 1 champions, Gabriel Gerena, Rajon Chance, KahShad Elliott, Ziyaad Hassan and Muadh Salaam. Gabriel Gerena and Rajon Chance were recognized as the regional intermediate outstanding boxers of the tournament. Today New Jersey can proudly salute JO boxers who have 50 and even 100 bouts of experience. Sound like Success?

The leadership team did not stop there! They saw the need to offer more opportunities for our youth, outside of the ring. Chairperson Rob Griffin partnered with Jacklyn Atkins to embrace the "Champions of Life Program”. In 2015 the team kicked off a series of training seminars combining Olympic style boxing and healthy life styles. The program not only educates our youth but includes the adults who play an important role in the lives of these athletes.....   {More}
New Jersey Celebrates ~ Success Building Future Champions
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Some Families have Boxing 
in their Blood . . . 
Hats Off to you Dwyke Flemming Jr. - 
Keep your eye on the Prize!

Sunday, October 25th, 2015, New Jersey hosted the inaugural New Jersey Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and award dinner at the beautiful Amici Ristorante, located in Linden, New Jersey. Eight of Boxing’s finest Olympic amateur boxers were inducted in the New Jersey Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame. 

First class honorees Sammy Goss, Reggie Jones, Curtis Harris, Jose Rosario, Frank Savannah, Jerson Ravelo, Omar Sheika and Posthumously William Berry received accolades and kudos as many took a walk down memory lane, highlighting the great accomplishments of these athletes.  

Commissioner Larry Hazzard said it best. “These guys are the top, the best of the best sitting at here the dais and I must say, I am not sure HOW you will ever top this class of honorees …”  
Thanks to those who helped to make the inaugural event a huge success. In addition to the honorees, New Jersey took the opportunity to acknowledge and highlight the future Olympians. Awards were presented to exemplary athletes with their sight set on the Olympic Gold. This month, New Jersey highlights one of our Junior Olympic “High Achievers” Dwyke Flemmings Jr. 

Some families have boxing in their blood, and the Flemmings of New Jersey definitely have pugilism pumping through their veins. At 11 years old and already a Junior Golden Gloves National Champion, Dwyke Flemming, Jr. is just the latest of his line—and if he and his dad/coach Dwyke Sr. have anything to say about it, he might just be the greatest, too.

Ask Dwyke Jr., and he'll tell you: boxing and his family are the two most important things in his life, and the two go together like hands and gloves. Pros like Kendall Holt have watched Dwyke in the gym and in the ring, and are already impressed at his level of drive and determination when it comes to his sport and his level of devotion when it comes to his dad.

Dad's a Jets fan, so Dwyke is a Jets fan. Dad likes LeBron, and his son does, too.  {More}
Dwyke Flemming Jr. - Junior Golden Gloves Champion